Friday, March 23, 2012


This past Monday I had my last chemo. Hopefully ever.

Mom sitting with me at chemo
It was really short. I couldn't have one of my regular chemo medicines. It causes temporary lung damage, which I've experienced too much of. It shouldn't be too big of a thing though.

It was a little bittersweet. I'm so glad to be finished, and I'm ready to get on with my life. It was sad though. Over the past 6 months I've gotten to know my nurses and it's sad having good people leave your life.

It's also scary. For 6 months my main goal has been getting better. The nurses gave me my schedule for the month, and a lot of my decisions were made my doctors. Especially things like what over the counter medicines can I take? What can I eat? A lot of my life has been ruled by cancer. Now I'm facing down making my own choices again, going back to work, and generally living life.

It's exciting, but it's scary! I was up and down emotional for a week (a lot of you may know I don't deal with major change all that well, which might also be a factor).

I still have next week for my food restrictions. My doctor told me I can go back to regular food sooner, but the instructions on the medicine said two weeks, and I'd rather play it safe.

It seems I've avoided a blood transfusion this cycle, which is great. My red blood cells were a little low, but not low enough to be a problem. My white blood cells, however, are another story. They were extremely low, so much so that my neutrafils (white blood cells that fight bacteria) didn't even show up on the chart. So I've been in "quarrantine" this weekend. Luckily my neulasta shot will probably kick in tomorrow night and I can go back to normal.

I don't know exactly where we go from here. I do know that just because chemo is over, it doesn't mean that my treatment is over. I will still have to see my oncologist and get a lot of scans and stuff. On Monday I see him to get my blood checked, and find out what the next steps are.

I know I have to get a bone density test. One of the side effects of the chemo has caused some probable bone issues, so I have to see if I need treatment for that. I also need to get a third PET Scan in about 4 weeks. If all is well then I can get my port removed, which I can't wait for!

Also, my hair has started to grow back! I've got little fuzzies all over my head which is super exciting. I can't wait 'till I can get my first haircut :)

So the chemo's over, but I'll still be posting updates as they come. Thanks for all the love and support and prayers, you guys really helped me get through this!


  1. to tell you that i am happy for you would not even scratch the surface :) *squeeze!*

  2. Oh, Shannon! I am so thrilled for you. As I read this post, I keep tearing up. My heart is filled with joy and gratitude for the healing God has brought and the grace and humor with which you have coped with your illness.

    I will continue to pray for complete healing and for no complications from treatment.

    You are a fabulous strong woman, Shannon. I love you!

  3. Is your hair growing back in the same color? Maybe you'll be a redhead! Glad thisphase in ending and hoping that very soon you'll be back in the grind of daily living that the rest of us take for granted.

  4. Grats Shannon!

    it's interesting to read your comments about fear of NOT being sick anymore! very interesting and I'm sure common, but maybe not thought of outside that world. I never thought of it.

    I happy for you that this stage is behind you. WOOT!!!

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    I have a quick question about your blog, would you mind emailing me when you get a chance?



  6. @Cameron VSJ

    Hey Cameron, I can't find an email address for you, how can I contact you?