Thursday, January 26, 2012

Still Hydrating

When I was at the doctor's on Monday for routine bloodwork my heartrate was high. I had to get an extra bag of saline (hydration). Everything's been ok since then.

All the chemo is finally caught up to me though. I keep running around wondering why I'm so tired and my mom and Josh keep reminding me that I'm on chemo, and it builds on itself. Before, when I would feel normal it would last for a whole day or more, but the time I'm feeling normal is less and less. I'm spending more and more time resting (of course, a lot of that is doctor's orders). I haven't been to work since before my first hospital trip.

I suppose it was a matter of time. I tend to push through things, but this isn't really something you can push through. On the bright side, I've been finishing small projects. On top of that, I've beat 2 video games and read 2 books (working on my third of each). I can't even tell you how many movie's I've watched (so glad to have Netflix).

It's nice to have time, but it was hard to accept it. Sometimes I feel like everyone's out living life while I'm stuck in the apartment filling the time. I'll just have to live it up double time when I'm finished with treatment.

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  1. Oh, girl! You ARE living life - it's just a bit different than you planned for this point in time. Try to enjoy this time of forced rest and quiet 'cause when you are done and !!CANCER FREE!! you will run rings around the rest of us.

    Continuing to pray for you, Josh and the fam. Love you all.